Wednesday, 21 June 2017

sally's picks - week 24: MULTICULTURALISM

Wow! What a lot of great images for me to choose from!!

Multiculturalism is so wonderful and interesting.  I just love it!  I also love how the 52 Week Illustration Challenge has participants from all over the world--so many different people from different cultures all participating together and appreciating the creation of art from each other.  I love how the images shared this week have celebrated diversity and promoted peace and togetherness.  So positive, so beautiful.  Thank you to everyone who put a little bit of beauty and love out into the world this week with your images.  I hope you enjoy my picks!

Gary Dadd

Gudrun Larusdottir

Jennifer Walker

Jo Bone

Joanne Stead

Jutta Berend

Katie W Stewart

Kim Phelan

Maria Brasil

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Penelope Pratley

Peter Hinton

Saga Mackenzie

Sarina Dickson

Sophie Marie

Sue Rinaldi
Goldie Chelmsford

Gregg Pearson

Luci Lima

Luciana Borghi

Peter Papamanolis

Friday, 16 June 2017

trish's picks - week 23: TEXTURE

So many beautiful textures in the world, and it's so wonderful to see the many interpretations for this weeks theme.
Thankyou for creating so many great pieces. Here are just a few...



Amanda L. Ogilvie

Andrea England‎ 

Andrew Grant

Cara King‎ 

Clara Cook

Daria Ogneva

Denise Woodley‎ 

Emma Kaufmann‎ 

Ester de Boer

Gary Dadd‎ 

Joanne Stead‎ 

Judy Ormshaw‎ 

Katharine Harper‎ 

Katie W Stewart

Kim Phelan‎ 

Kirsty Collett‎

Linda Graham D'Agostino‎ 

Lucie Mammone‎ 

Maggie Iovannella

Margaret Dewar‎ 

Margaret Schons‎ 

MaryAnn Loo‎ 

Penelope Pratley

Sandra Flett‎ 

Shaney Hyde‎ 

Shani Nottingham

Sharon Ramsay Curtis‎ 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

nicky's picks - week 22: MY FAVOURITE THING

When I selected this theme for 2017, I imagined some fantastic inspired artworks and have been excited for it to finally be here!


As always, the Challenge wall has filled me with such delight. There is such wondrous variety of what everyone's favourite things are.

Thank you for a marvelous week, here are the artworks that resonated (for no particular reason!) with me.

x Nicky

Andrea England

Anne L-y So

Ashleigh O'Lynn

Brooke Reedlunn

Clara Cook

Colin Row 
Jo Bone

Jutta Berend

Katharine Harper

Kerrie Robertson

Kirsty Collett

Linda Graham D'Agostino

MaryAnn Loo

Miranda Wilkinson

Olga Tiss

Penelope Pratley

Peter Papamanolis

Shani Nottingham

Sophie Marie

Sue Rinaldi

Suzanne Houghton